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This website is a collection of posts all about technology enhanced learning, tools and tips. It is run by me, Hadrian Cawthorne, with the help of a few other colleagues from time-to-time and we work at the University of Sheffield's School of Education.

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Play, Place and the Parkive: Hillsborough Park in 360

In my last blog I described the way 360 content can provide students with a distinct opportunity to experience learning spaces (an early childhood setting) and research data (an episode of play.) In this one, I am staying with a focus on play to share an account of a resource we created when faced with the realisation that we would not be able to take our students on a face to face visit to a local park.
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Gmail tips and tricks

We use a lot of technology at work so I've put together some tips, tricks and hacks that might save you some time or just make work a bit simpler. This post focusses on Gmail and explores some of the tricks you can use there. I don't promise to revolutionise your working day, but if you can find at least one of these hacks useful, then that's progress! There are loads of hidden features and tricks inside Gmail. Here are just a few.
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Getting Good Sound for Video

Voice is a vitally important part of any video. If the sound quality is poor, it can be a distraction for the viewer and make it difficult to generate captions for your video (a crucial part of ensuring your video meets accessibility requirements). This post will give some advice to help you get the best quality sound for your video.
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